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Attorney ESI Update: How to Uncover and Use Social Media Evidence for Maximum Case Benefit

Attorney ESI Update: How to Uncover and Use Social Media Evidence for Maximum Case Benefit

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Attorney ESI Update: How to Uncover and Use Social Media Evidence for Maximum Case Benefit

Live Webinar: Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2 p.m. to 3 p.m. (CENTRAL) and 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. (EASTERN)

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Earn CLE as you learn how to acquire and use ESI and social media evidence at trial.


A wealth of electronic evidence – emails, social media, texts – may await your discovery and use at trial. But uncovering it and getting it admitted in court can be challenging for any attorney. 

Electronically stored information (ESI) and social media evidence can strengthen your case or weaken your opponent’s. So how should you obtain data from smartphones, PCs and tablets, flash drives, and external hard drives in a way that survives a challenge? What are the best methods for identifying and preserving hidden information? How can you use friending/following to obtain information? 

Join your colleagues for a one-hour CLE webinar on best-practices in ESI acquisition, use, and management. Our presenter will answer these and many other questions in this evolving area of the law. 


  • Types of data, production specifications and formats – in detail 
  • Obtaining evidence: Smartphones, PCs and tablets, third parties, flash drives and external hard drive, cloud storage 
  • Using apps on your client’s smartphone to collect evidence 
  • Predictive coding do’s and don’ts 
  • Metadata explained 
  • How to “scrub” metadata to remove it from documents 
  • Metadata landmines to be avoided 
  • How to produce responsive, non-privileged ESI with metadata and OCR software 
  • Working with and subpoenaing social media companies 
  • Facebook’s archive feature 
  • Using friending/following to obtain info 
  • What can be done if the account’s been closed? 
  • Obtaining deleted data 
  • Processing review and production pitfalls 

About Your Presenter

Marcus ChattertonMarcus Chatterton
Balch & Bingham LLP 

Marcus Chatterton of Balch & Bingham LLP frequently speaks on the use of social media evidence in litigation. He is active in both the Business Litigation Practice Group and the Products Liability and Casualty Litigation Practice Group. His practice focuses on Intellectual Property disputes and cases involving damage to and ownership of Real Property. He has been actively involved in defending several large corporations against lawsuits alleging property damage related to underground coal mining activities. In addition to his Intellectual Property and Real Property practice, Mr. Chatterton also represents businesses of all sizes in product liability, personal injury, breach of contract, economic loss claims, and construction disputes. 

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